C2 meeting Finland

| Presentation of our school and meeting the headmaster Simo Veistola and vice headmaster Taina Kemppi 

| Working in international groups/ Escape room on climate change 

| Présentation of the work by the different delegations

Présentation des élèves Belges / Presentation of the Belgian students

Présentation des élèves lettons / Presentation of the latvia students

Présentation des élèves Francais / Presentation of the France students

Présentation des élèves finlandais / Presentation of the Finland students

Presentation des élèves polynesiens

Powerpoint Transport en PF

| Videoconference with our French and Polynesian partners  

|  Presentation of the field of logistics in Forssa Vocational Institute

|  Forssa Town Hall, meeting the Mayor of Forssa 

|  Turku, Forum Marinum and Vartiovuori  and Castle 

|  work in multicultural groups

|  Kiimassuo 

|  Eerikkilä Sport and Outdoor Resort 

|  Questions à nos parlementaires / Questions for our parliamentarians