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| Présentation par les différents partenaires de leurs recherches / Presentation by the different partners of their research

Présentation des élèves Belges / Presentation of the Belgian students

Présentation des élèves Français / Presentation of the French students

Présentation des élèves Finlandais / Presentation of the Finnish students

Présentation des élèves polynésiens / Presentation of the Polynesian students

| Fresque Climatique / Climate Fresco

A scientific workshop on climate change, educational, fun and based on collective intelligence

42 maps from the IPCC

The objective is to link the maps together and to highlight the causes and consequences of climate change

Reflection and discussion between the participants

With the support of the youth center of Comines "Carpe Diem


Un atelier scientifique sur le changement climatique, pédagogique, ludique basé sur l’intelligence collective

42 cartes issues du GIEC

L’objectif est de les relier les cartes entre elles et de faire ressortir les causes et les conséquences du dérèglement climatique

Réflexion et discussion entre les participants

Avec le soutien de la maison des jeunes de Comines « Carpe Diem »

| Rencontre avec Mme la bourgmestre de Comines / Meeting with the Mayor of Comines

| Travail sur la maison idéale dans un milieu hostile / Working on the ideal home in a hostile environment

Proposed improvements

Put walls 15 meters high and 15 meters away from the house so that the walls do not collapse on the house if there is a tsunami. It would be necessary to put several of them one after the other because the ecological materials are not as resistant as the concrete ones. The building materials for the walls would then be wood, bamboo, straw, hemp, flax, animal wool, raw earth...

It would also be necessary to put breakers in resistant wood not too high in the sea to slow down the waves.

| Erasmusdays

| Bruges

Visiting Bruges. 

Here is a selfie-marathon in order to discover this beautiful city. Try to find the places and monuments below and each time you find one, make a selfie with the entire group to prove us you’ve been there. Let’s go :-) 

* Minnewater (on the deck/bridge) 

* Godshuis Onze Lieve Vrouw van Zeven Weeën in de Driekroezenstraat

* Onze Lieve-Vrouw-kerk 

* het Belfort/Belfry 

* the statue of Jan Breydel and Pieter DeConinck 

* the City Hall 

* in front of a lace shop 

* Rozenhoedkaai/Quay of the Rosary (selfie with the Belfry on the background)

* the Basilica of the Holy Blood 

* in front of the station

* on St Boniface Bridge (with the church on the background) 

* in front of the Gruuthusemuseum 

* under the arch situated in de Blinde Ezelstraat 

* a selfie with a horse-drawn carriage 

* Begijnhof.

* a shop selling Belgian chocolate 

* a selfie with the oldest house on the Market Place (there is a compass on the facade and a golden ball on the roof) 

* a selfie with the canals on the background 

* Fish Market 

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